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Softball is a team sport, in which a ball, eleven to twelve inches (or rarely, 16 inches) (28 to 30.5 centimeters) in circumference, is thrown (pitched) underhand by a player called a pitcher and hit by an offensive player called a batter with a round, smooth stick called a bat (usually wooden, metal or composite). In softball there is an offensive team, the team that bats in attempts to score, and a defensive team, the team that occupies the field. Scoring is accomplished when a batter from the offensive team advances and touches a series of three raised markers on the ground called bases, and then touching the final base, called home plate. - Wiki


Softball was created by George Hancock in Chicago in 1887. The game originated as an indoor variation of baseball and was eventually converted to an outdoor game. The popularity of softball has grown considerably, both at the recreational and competitive levels. In fact, not only is women's fast pitch softball a popular high school and college sport, it was recognized as an Olympic sport in 1996. - Sportspectator