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Color: Peach

The meaning of Peach

Peach, believe it or not, is a Masculine Color and has aggressive properties, softened or hidden. It contains elements of red, orange, yellow and white. Peach is a warmth- coziness and comfort- with South East as it's direction. Peach moves from the physical body into the thoughts, the fears and self-preservation energies and is fueled by survival. It is excellent when entering new situations or enduring long term discomfort. Peach is charming and disarming in order to get around others anger and to get the needs met. It is warmth and generosity and acceptance of others with grace and wide-eyed elegance or at least the pretense of it. Peach wants to keep peace, softly and gently manipulate others into kind and proper behaviors.It is the best color when you need to charm another into your way of thinking or keep them from being aggressive and violent.

The Peach Personality

Peach people thrive on activity and fun. They like to be elegant and entertaining, but can quickly flounder if their ideas or behavior is met with any opposition or coolness. They can be easily frightened and lose courage.

The person wearing Peach may be trying to get you on their side. They may be feeling faint-hearted and worried and unsure of themselves so either stay away or find out what is wrong in their life. Be assured once you ask they will tell. Wear Peach when you want to present an elegant, charming air... others are not fearful or suspicious of Peach; it can be the perfect chamoflage.

Decor with Peach

Peach in home decor or clothing is soft light. It will show charm and elegance and allow light to diffuse irritations angry energies. Peach promotes a feeling of calm, comfort! Great for dining areas and offices, it stimulates co-operation on projects. It opposes forcefulness and aggression yet is non-threatening. Peach is charming and disarming.

Source: Old-Earth.com



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