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Impractical Jokers

Impractical Jokers follows the four members of the comedy team The Tenderloins as they coerce one another into doing public pranks while being filmed by hidden cameras. The show differs from other prank television programs in that the stars of Impractical Jokers do not know the details of the prank until the moment they are performing it on strangers. While one cast-member performs the prank, the other three comedians are behind the scenes feeding lines to their friend via a microphone. The lines fed to the prankster are meant to create a humorous or awkward exchange between the prankster and the stranger being pranked.

Impractical Jokers airs on Thursday on TruTV, they are in their 3rd season. And for your die hard fans they also have a hilarious mobile phone app that is a must have for any IJ fan, check it out and download it, you can find it on the link just above, along with a lot of other awesome content.