• Johnny Cash with His Hot and Blue Guitar
  • Sings the Songs That Made Him Famous
  • The Fabulous Johnny Cash
  • Greatest!
  • Songs of Our Soil
  • Sings Hank Williams
  • Ride This Train
  • Now, There Was a Song!
  • Now Here's Johnny Cash
  • The Sound of Johnny Cash
  • All Aboard the Blue Train
  • Ring of Fire: The Best of Johnny Cash
  • Blood, Sweat and Tears
  • The Original Sun Sound of Johnny Cash
  • I Walk the Line
  • Bitter Tears: Ballads of the American Indian
  • Orange Blossom Special
  • Sings the Ballads of the True West
  • Everybody Loves a Nut
  • Happiness Is You
  • From Sea to Shining Sea
  • Hell, I'm Johnny Cash
  • Man in Black
  • A Thing Called Love
  • America: A 200-Year Salute in Story and Song
  • Any Old Wind That Blows
  • Ragged Old Flag
  • Junkie and the Juicehead Minus Me
  • The Johnny Cash Children's Album
  • John R. Cash
  • Look at Them Beans
  • One Piece at a Time
  • The Last Gunfighter Ballad
  • The Rambler
  • I Would Like to See You Again
  • Gone Girl
  • Silver
  • Rockabilly Blues
  • The Baron
  • The Adventures of Johnny Cash
  • Johnny 99
  • Rainbow
  • Johnny Cash Is Coming to Town
  • Classic Cash: Hall of Fame Series
  • Water from the Wells of Home
  • Boom Chicka Boom
  • The Mystery of Life
  • American Recordings
  • Unchained
  • Ameircan III: Solitary Man
  • American IV: The Man Comes Around
  • American: V: A Hundred Highways
  • Ameirican VI: Aint No Grave
  • Out Amoung the Stars

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