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About Gummy Worms

Hans Riegel invented gummi bears (the first gummi candy) and gummi candy during the 1920s. Riegel was the owner of the German candy company Haribo. Haribo went on to manufacture the first American made gummi candy in 1982.

In 1981, another German gummi candy manufacturer called Trolli decided to made the first gummi worm. Gummi worms have become the most popular gummi candy ever made. The average Brite Crawler the number one sold gummi worm is two inches long.

Edible gelatin is the basic ingredient in gummi candy. Gelatin is also found in soft caramels, marshmallows, foam-filled wafers, licorice, wine gums, pastilles, chocolate coated mallows and a host of other sweets, because it gives candy elasticity, the desired chewy consistency, and a longer shelf life. Gelatin has been used since the time of the Egyptian Pharaohs.


About Gummylicous

Gummylicious is a fanlisting for gummy worms created by Bloo, adopted to & mainted by Emily on March 21,2014. The site is dedicated to listing fans from around the world who share the same love of this tastey and fun candy. This is also the approved fanlisting, meaning it has been approved and listed at The Fanlistings Network (Under the Food/Drinks: Candy/Sweets category). The current layout is v.1.0 and was made with the help of Photoshop CS2 and Dreamweaver MX. For a complete list of external resources, please refer to the exit page.

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