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What are ghosts? Of course, it is well known that many believe ghosts to be the disembodied spirits of humans and animals that once walked the face of this Earth, while others believe ghosts to be some sort of unintelligible energy imprint that has remained imprisoned upon our environment. Some believe ghosts to be demons while others do not believe in ghosts at all. One day, scientists may be able to prove just what ghosts are; but today, we only have the experiences and experiments from which to draw some conclusions.

Many people have seen ghosts over time, yet science today has yet to answer the question, "What are ghosts?" So, what exactly are ghosts? Could some ghosts possibly be the power of the human mind projecting forth apparitions of loved ones? Are ghosts, people trapped in our earthly world, wandering spirits who are struggling in a temporary hell, being unable to move beyond the past? Or, are ghosts simply rare glimpses of the past that replay within the physical environment, being seen only sparingly?

Why this fanlisting?

I have always been curious about ghosts or things that go bump in the night, so to speak. I have had a few experiences in my life, some that I honestly cannot explain, but to assume they are ghosts/spirts of some kind.

With that said, I have had finger shaped bruising on my arms from time to time. I would say about 2 weeks ago as of today (11/13/19). I was raised believing this is something who has passed on come to visit me

While others may believe differently, and believe they can be a Zarcanor.

❝Zarcanor — A malevolent spirit which attacks people while they're asleep, inspiring nightmares, and sometimes even inflicting minor injuries such as scratches, bruises and what appear to be finger marks. The name is possibly of Slavic origin.❞ - Source: TAPS

Everyone will have their own thoughts as to what they do or do not believe. I think I will always consider ghosts to be harmless, even though they will and can frighten me, maybe even you.