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What are Live Ghost Cams

This is obvious and pretty simple, if you are here you would know this already but for those curious ones, live ghost cams is not a cam that has a ghost in it, at least some people think that might be the reason it's called live ghost cams, but no they are different types of cams that people use to capture what they believe to be ghosts much like the image on the layout, that image is called by many The Brown Lady if you want to know more about her and the story behind her ghostly image then read on to the next paragraph.

The Brown Lady

Why did I choose this ghost of all ghosts, well as some of you may or may not know, ghosts are hard to catch on camera, this appears to be a clear image of a woman dressed in brown, hence the name The Brown Lady. The most famous ghost photograph of them all - the Brown Lady of Raynam Hall, England. It was taken by two photographers from Country Life magazine who were filming the Hall at the time, and observed the ghost "floating" down a staircase.

Want to read more about this phenomenon go to http://www.scientificmystery.com, you can also find other related links here.

What do I see?

I see the Virgin Mary. In my opinion she is who I see. Now even though I don't feel it is the Brown Lady, the Virgin Mary is still a spirit or a ghost as some would like to label it.The way the her clothes lay on her body, over lapping. Look at the photo I provided for comparison, what do you think? It may not be this particular image, however, I feel that she is who was really captured.

Virgin Mary