Along the whetstone of clear eastern sky, the sun sharpened scalpels of light. Out of the west, however, a cool onshore breeze pushed malignant masses of dark clouds.

In psychology, a false memory is a phenomenon where someone recalls something that did not happen or recalls it differently from the way it actually happened.

About The Book

Martie Rhodes is a successful young computer games designer with a loving husband, Dusty, and a seemingly normal life. Her best friend, Susan, however, suffers from agoraphobia, or a fear of open spaces, and relies on Martie to take her to weekly therapy sessions. Suddenly and inexplicably, Martie herself begins exhibiting worrying signs of a mental disorder, fearing herself capable of inflicting great harm on her loved ones. At the same time, Dusty's brother Skeet also succumbs to irrational mental behavior and tries to throw himself from a roof. It soon becomes clear that these four characters are involved in something much more than a sinister coincidence.

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My Thoughts

I have always been a fan of Dean Koontz, this wasn't the first book I read, but when I discover it, it drew me in pretty quickly, by the end of the book I was literally crying. I have never had a book do that to me. I felt what the main character was feeling. I can still imagine the scene that broke me, and brought me to tears. I don't want to describe it, rather you should read the book yourself.

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