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What is 'Right To Die"?

According to Wikipedia
"The term "right to die" refers to various issues around to the death of an individual when that person could continue to live with the aid of life support or in a diminished or enfeebled capacity. In some cases, it refers to the idea that a person with a terminal illness and in serious condition should be allowed to commit suicide before death would otherwise occur."

"In most countries in the Western world, people do not, legally speaking, have the right to die. Suicide is often frowned upon, and euthanasia is only legal in a handful of countries. In some East Asian countries, suicide may be acceptable in cases such as ritual suicide." read more at Wiki

My Thoughts/Experience
My mother passed away in 2001, after many attempts to bring her back, during those times I know she was suffering, it can be seen in her face and I found it to be so wrong. It was her time, and it was time to let her go. I felt that keeping her on life support and trying to continously bring her back was just in my opinion cruel, she was suffering and in pain, and the best thing to do was let her go. Decision was finally made as heart breaking and unforgettable it was, but it was time. R.I.P. Mom.

Final Words
This is one of many ways a person should go, many others that are on life support and without it would pass on, they should be given that right to do so. I feel that sometimes we are selfish and want to keep them with us for our own selfish reasons. Is it right? Lots of people have mixed feelings, and everyone has the right to their opinion. Obviously mine is for the movement.