Curious about Stargazing?
The sky is enormous and filled with mysterious and interesting things. We can observe the various wonders of the sky with the aid of telescopes or with the unaided eye. Stargazing allows us to become well acquainted with the positions and sights of the night sky. We view the sky from the Earth, a moving platform that is always changing our specific view. The motion of the Earth around the Sun brings a changing night sky with the passing of the seasons. There are always many interesting features one can observe with the unaided eye. .. read more.

Questions about stars and stargazing
001. Can I buy a star? answer
002. Why do stars twinkle? answer
003. Why do we see stars? answer
004. Why do stars change color when they twinkle? answer
005. Why isn't the sky bright at night, if the universe has so many stars? answer
006. Is there a "South Star"? answer
007. What are shooting stars? answer
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