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What is a fanlisting?

A fanlisting is simply an online listing of fans of a subject, such as a TV show, actor, or musician, that is created by an individual and open for fans from around the world to join. There are no costs, and the only requirements to join a fanlisting are your name and country. Fanlistings do not have to be large sites (although some are) - they are just a place where you can have your name listed along with other fans of the same subject. -

Why glitter nail polish

I have always loved sparkling things, and why not use that on my nails, I love all kinds of glitter nail polish, particularly holographic glitter nail polish, it is so gorgeous and sparkly, if you haven't tried it, you should. You will love it as much as I do.


No copyright infringement intended. I am merely a fan wishing to gather the rest of the fans of this subject together. All images used in the layout are © to their respective owners.