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Apu Nahasheemipetilan is the unique owner of the Springfield branch of Kwik-E-Mart, a convenience store with everything from beer to Skittles to moon pie. Perhaps no other shopkeeper has survived at least 8 gun-shot wounds, has the mental prowess to work 18-hour-plus workshifts, or been the top student in a graduating class of one million. Apu was also the only known Hindu in Springfield until he married his wife Manjula and had eight beautiful babies. Joking and amiable, Apu has many friends, from local man Homer Simpson to fellow Indian Sanjay. Apu also has an entreprenurial side, as evidenced by the short time he turned the Kwik-E-Mart into the Freak-E-Mart, an attraction featuring a frozen man, and a Frito found in a bag of Doritos. Who knows what will happen next to this humble shopkeeper?

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